MoveWASDLeft stick/D-pad
LookArrow keysRight stick
Interact/WindESouth button
Switch charactersQWest button
ZoomFRight stick click
PauseEscMenu button

March on with your little wind-up buddies.  Control little wind-up toys to solve puzzles in unique environments. Work as one to overcome obstacles no toy can handle alone. 

Watch out - each step drains life from your toy allies, and they must rewind each other or find a wind-up station. 

IndiCrow Team Members:

Eduardo Robert - 3D Artist

Andy Truong- Programmer 

Asher Pinson - Programmer

Jason Hur - Music Composer

An Tran - 3D Artist

Hannah Martinez - 3D Artist


Winder 52 MB


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Love the game, its a really fun concept, a few things I noticed while playing the game and very intentionally trying to break it was that the carry mechanic where you pick up one of the guys and carry him can be abused immensely to skip parts or even whole levels. Another issue I found was that on restart, the state of the moving wooden platforms did not reset when you restarted a level.

Noted. These are some great points you've made that we plan on looking into and fixing up to prevent any major issues in the near future. Thanks for the feedback!